Optimizing large-scale gambling prevention with adolescents through the development and evaluation of a training course for health professionals: The case of PRIZE

CEART è lieta di condividere una pubblicazione presentata da Maria Anna Donati, Jessica Boncompagni, Giuseppe Iraci Sareri, Sonia Ridolfi, Adriana Iozzi, Valentina Cocci, Alfiero Arena, Caterina Primi - nell'ambito del progetto PRIZE


In the field of adolescent gambling prevention, there is a lack of intervention studies reporting and assessing training courses for the intervention providers. The present work fills this gap by realizing a dissemination study inside the PRIZE program aimed at modifying a set of cognitive protective factors and affective risk factors. The purpose of this work was twofold: To develop and evaluate a training course with the intervention providers (Study 1), and to assess the short- and long-term effects of the intervention itself (Study 2). The training course was delivered to 44 health professionals (32 females, Mage = 39.34 years). Results showed a significant increase of correct knowledge about gambling and a significant reduction of their susceptibility to probabilistic reasoning biases. Participants also actually learnt the main competencies to conduct the educational activities, they were satisfied for the training course received, and they felt high levels of self-efficacy. The intervention was implemented with 1894 high school students (61% males; Mage = 15.68 years). In the short term, we found a significant increase of adolescents’ correct gambling knowledge, random events knowledge, and probabilistic reasoning ability, and a significant decrease of superstitious thinking, monetary positive outcome expectation, and gambling-related erroneous thoughts and fallacious behavioral choices. In the long-term, a significant decrease of gambling frequency, gambling versatility, and gambling problem severity was obtained. Overall, this work highlights the importance to train prevention program providers in order to optimize the effectiveness of large-scale gambling intervention programs towards adolescents

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Donati et al., 2022_PRIZE

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